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This is who I am, I am a 23 year old girl with unrealistic dreams, I have a thing for gay culture and I am not sorry for that, I believe in peace and love and rainbows. I love music and everything hollywood, talk tv with me and I will love you forever, I love Traveling and gay story lines. You may also find I have a small obsession with Vloggers, I love CTFxC and The Shaytards. I am also slightly obsessed with a band you might know called One Direction. I run on these things and if you can't deal then go away. I am addicted to life and its Mylife unscripted...
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    I do a lot of weird things. I do a lot of weird movements.

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    I don’t really watch Alli’s videos, im a vlogging fan. I feel like Im not going to see her very often. I’ll miss her face.
    Does anyone have a link for the 2 hour Documentary of the actors doing a cold read through of the Final episode of Breaking Bad?

    Bryan Cranston’s favourite erotic fan letter [x]

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    I’m too bored to fall asleep…

    Does that even make sense?




    all you girls out there had that stage where you played online dress up games dont even lie

    what do you mean had

    what do you mean girls

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